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This blog is dedicated to the work of Ron Brandstetter.

Here’s a quick guide for newcomers. My deepest work, my unique — and comprehensive — philosophy of history, which leads to my effective re-formulation of the social sciences, is here. (This is a long piece, a summary of my next book, I’m trying to cover the breadth and depth of the human experience with a new scientific vision. It will take you 20 minutes or so to read it, so please, bookmark this article and come back to it later if you don’t have the time right now. I’ve tried to make this article as easy to read as possible and I do hope you’ll enjoy taking your time to read it.)

In other pages on this site, my forward-looking political thoughts, based on decades of practical participation in American activism, are here. My unusual path to spiritual understanding, and some of the conclusions I’ve come to with this, is outlined here. Some of my most concise and hard-hitting writings and speeches, meant to emphasize a point, are here. And finally, a not-so-brief biographical sketch of this wonderful life I’ve enjoyed is is over here. The page you’re on is the current postings page, scroll down for varied and sundry reflections on politics, culture, and whatever else I feel I need to tell you about. I haven’t put up much in the last year, I enjoy a complicated life, and I like to say things of significance only. Some new ideas for postings are brewing, yet please, read the deep material I’ve placed here, dig into it. Just for example, the December 2010 post on “Presidential Politics” has remained valid through the Occupy Movement and the 2012 elections, I have updated it in Feb. 2015 in the hope it would remain valid through 2016 and beyond, and most of it does remain valid. To the extent that the catastrophe of an extremely unfit man probably backed by a foreign power capturing the Presidency has changed things, that is addressed in my January 2017 post regarding Trump. The “Hope Vs. Advertising” post remains far ahead of the conventional wisdom. As a writer, I have always wanted my readers to find my work both entertaining and profitable to their total life experience.

My mission, in all of this work, is to help people think better thoughts.   I’m not going to claim that this always or ever brings instant success and happiness; most of the time we humans are quite happy with our dysfunctional thought, and if that thought fits into a dysfunctional subculture, it can be successful in that context.  Getting to better thoughts can be slightly or greatly painful, and I myself hate it when a better thought forces me to change one of my deeply-ingrained personal habits or preferences.

Yet I believe that if you are an intelligent human being, you have to be able to see the evidence that we as a 7-billion strong global society, in today’s time, are spitting off too much pollution from too many sources — including huge amounts of intellectual pollution from our advertising and public relations industries — to be able to sustain our current modes of ‘civilization’ for too many more decades.

Thus the mission of this website: to help us plan and achieve positive social change to create a better world for ourselves and our grandchildren.   I do believe my effort at re-defining the social sciences to help each human being become their own best social scientist in understanding the motivations and actions of all other human beings — popularly known as “Ron’s omelet of the social sciences” or “the democratic revolution of the social sciences” — can be a helpful step in this process.

For more about who I am and my qualifications for this work, please see the About page on this blog.   For more about the new thoughts we’re going to have to think, and the work that we’re going to have to do to provide a sustainable future for our human race and the planet we live on, please follow this blog as it develops and grows, hopefully, into a force that moves the world.  I can’t do it without you.  You, perhaps, can do it without me, yet it is my goal to prove to you that moving the world will be slightly easier if we can do it together.

NOTE – NEW PRIVACY  REGULATIONS    The European Union and many other jurisdictions have instituted new regulations regarding the privacy of your data.   Back when I established this site, I was just a struggling writer, working two other jobs, I just wanted to get my work out into the world.  I did not know what other websites were doing to collect visitor’s data and make money from that.    So I did NOT ask my web team to set up those types of capabilities into the site, and they did NOT include those types of capabilities into the site.  So, for the last 14 years this site has seen millions of visitors (thank you!) , but except for the email addresses of those who choose to leave comments, this site has not collected ANY data on visitors.  I can’t identify you, I can’t  put any cookies on you, I can’t read whatever cookies you may come in with, and I hope I have placed enough layers of protection that no malware or hacking can get through  but if they do, there is no data on you for them to steal or damage.   All visitors here remain as private as you entered, again except or the email addresses of commenters.

A comment on comments:  Please do comment on my posts, all comments will be read and considered.  However, for the short-term future while this blog is getting established, and I am still working at my demanding day job, and still working at my family-business job in which everything needs to be done immediately, no comments will be published immediately on this blog.  It’s my blog, and I want to control it.  All reasonable comments are now being published after review and approval. In the spring of 2020 the ferocious onslaught of spam comments (which are all being deleted by my hosting service) has decreased,  thankfully,  to the  lowest levels in 10 years.  99.9% of it is just awful illiterate ungrammatical junk;  the latest fad is long posts of medical referencing, mostly disjointed fragments, which is better than lists of luxury goods, I guess;  however the filters are not perfect and some real comments may be lost in the flood of spam.   Yet if you’re a real person with questions or comments on anything in this website I do VERY MUCH wish to hear from you. To help make sure I don’t mistake you for a spammer, it would help if you’d say a word or two about yourself, and show that you have actually read one or more of my pages.

Because of all this, commenting here may be a little slower process than you’re accustomed to on modern websites: it will almost certainly be as much as a week or more after your comments.    My ideal of a typical  website — back in 2010 — where registered users have an open and lively discussion in real time,  seems to be losing ground in the hateful modern environment.    Yet if you the readers start providing scores and hundreds of intelligent comments on all our discussions here, you will accelerate my process in getting the website to that status, as I simply won’t have the time to read and approve all your comments individually.

About philosophical Ron

Please see the information under the About tab on the site.
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3 Responses to History — It’s Happening Every Second!

  1. ronald j. brandstetter says:

    I find it incredibly satisfying to find another Ron Brandstetter in this world. your content is both well written and well thought out. small world, large universe! take care, ron, and please keep doing great stuff…

  2. philosophical Ron says:

    Just to note, my dear late spontaneous mother did at least one thing right, in my opinion. She put the the three letters “Ron” on my birth certificate. Your Ronald may be fine for you, I have always had to fight for my real name, and even now, one of my insurance companies consistently auto-corrects me to the wrong name, and no amount of plaintaive letters to their offices seem to have any effect.

  3. B i d z i n a S a v a n e l i

    PH. DR., DR.
    Editor in Chief and Scientific Coordinator of Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Member of International Scientific Council of Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research (Rome, Italy), Professor-Researcher at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Tbilisi, Georgia)

    Creative Transformation of
    Universal Order of Orders in the
    Civil Society through the
    Rule of Human Rights

    A b s t r a c t

    The necessity of conceptualization of global change tends to expand the scope of understanding of the complex problems that are common to various Sciences and requires new ontological and epistemological methods that are superior to any discipline.
    Firstly, the essay invites the representatives of Natural, Human and Social Sciences collaborate to identify the most comprehensive picture of human activity on a planetary scale.
    Secondly, the essay draws attention to the biological measurement in the human body influencing the inadequate decision of heads of States.
    Thirdly, the essay aims to inform policymakers about the mechanism for the peaceful settlement of regional conflicts, which have a tendency to turn into a global problem.
    Fourthly, the essay involves the vision to break down the institutional barriers that impede cooperation between the Natural, Human and Social Sciences in global change research.
    Sixthly, adequate qualification of global changes can serve as a basis for collaboration between human and social Sciences, on the one hand, and natural and technical Sciences on the other.
    The paper offers a new and innovative solution to the unprecedented problems of humanity, the foundations of which are presented in two volumes of my book: “Global Order or Global Disorder”, (Saarbrucken, Germany, 2014).
    The author has a noble goal to provoke colleagues from different disciplines to participate in the construction of bridges for the entering of humanity into a universal order of orders under the auspices of the human rights standards.
    The essay serves as a fruitful source of new ideas for researchers and scholars working in the field of Natural, Social and Human Sciences.

    Key Words: Natural Order and Human Order; Human Genetics, Terrorism, Bioethics; Normative Order and Legal Order; Economic Order and State Law; Just Law and Rule of Human Rights; Harmonization of Natural and Social Sciences; Join the Universal Order of Orders.


    1. Introduction
    2. Human Genetics, Greed, Terrorism, and Bioethics
    3. Natural Order and Artificial Disorder
    4. Natural Economic Order and State Law
    5. Mutual Synergistic Transformations in the Civil Society
    6. Just Law as Guarantee of Homeostasis of Civil Society
    7. Join Universal Order of Orders through the Rule of Human Rights

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